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Fruity Habañero Hot Sauce

Kali Tal
Habañeros mix with tropical fruit to create a hot sauce like no other.
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Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Course Condiment
Cuisine Caribbean
Servings 60 servings


  • 1 blender


  • habañero peppers
  • cilantro (optional)
  • white onion (yellow onions are also fine)
  • yellow mustard
  • fresh garlic
  • dark brown sugar
  • fresh or canned pineapple juice
  • fruit vinegar (pear or apple work best, but white or white wine vinegar will do in a pinch)


  • Layer all ingredients in the blender. If you have a Blendtec, Vitamix or other powerful blender, use the "whole juice" setting. You may have to blend twice to make the sauce perfectly smooth.
  • Pour into bottles or jars and store in the refrigerator or freezer.


Use about 1 part vinegar to 2 parts pineapple juice or mango puree.  You only want to put enough liquid in the blender to ensure the hot sauce thins enough to be pourable.  The photo should give you some sense of proportions.
And here's the obligatory warning about habeñeros -- when you stem them (and if you seed them), wash your hands with soap and hot water several times and don't touch your eyes or sensitive parts of your (or other people's) bodies.  
Don't use fancy mustard.  Seriously. Crappy yellow mustard like French's is really the best for this recipe. Dijon will throw the flavor off.
This will keep a bazillion years in your refrigerator, unless you leave the bottle open and it dries out.  Mine never lasts long, no matter how much I make. 
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