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I rarely cook from recipes, though I read cookbooks like novels: they are magical adventures that take me to other culinary worlds and let me see through the eyes of other cooks. Here you’ll find musings on recipe-free cooking, spice palettes, ingredients that do or do not mix well, and stories about what I did with what I found in the refrigerator, in the cupboard, or at the market.


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Spicy Honey-Roasted Pecans & Walnuts

I think flavored, roasted nuts are a great appetizer and I also often use them as garnish.  This is one of my favorite recipes—crunchy, nutty, fruity, sweet, salty, and hot, all at once.  I use my Fruity Habeñero Hot Sauce in the recipe, but you can use the Caribbean hot sauce of your...

Buttermilk Fruit Drinks

As I’ve already mentioned, I didn’t drink milk until I moved to Germany in 2005. And if there was one thing I disliked more than milk, it was buttermilk. But my Russian partner made me a drink he insisted I try on a hot summer’s day. It was a blender mix of buttermilk...

Cabbage Rolls the Easy Way

I like making cabbage rolls because they’re an easy, low-carb meal, but I always found boiling the cabbage to be a pain in the ass. My life got much easier when I realized I could freeze a whole head of cabbage and then defrost the night before I wanted to make cabbage rolls. The freezing...

Sous-Vide Pork Belly

There’s really nothing easier. 24 hours in a sous-vide bath set to 55C. I usually don’t marinate or season the meat beforehand unless I’m making Chinese roast pork, but if you want to add flavor when you cook, do it with a light hand. (Especially limit the amount of garlic, since...